Departmental Bulletin Paper マンゴーに発生する病害にプラズマ処理が与える影響
Study on Influence of Plasma Treatment on Mango Rot Disease

堂園, 大雅  ,  富永, 大  ,  迫田, 達也  ,  溝口, 則和  ,  櫛間, 義幸

45pp.193 - 198 , 2016-07-29 , 宮崎大学工学部
Apple Mango has been a representative agricultural product in Miyazaki. However, fruit rot disease such as Stem - end Rot and Anthracnose is serious. Therefore, it is necessary to perform sterilization. We sterilized mangoes using the underwater plasma and the plasma formed in water mist. The underwater plasma is suitable for Stem - end Rot because it is possible to sterilize locally. The plasma in water mist is suitable for Colletotrichum sp. because it is possible to sterilize widely. The results showed that 4 min-treatment by the underwater plasma suppressed the severity somewhat. Additionally, 2 or 4 min-treatment by the plasma formed in water mist suppressed the severity somewhat. However, surface disorders were observed after the plasma treatment.

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