Departmental Bulletin Paper 小規模太陽集熱装置を用いた空気および熱電発電モジュールの加熱特性
Thermal Characteristics of a Small-scaled System of the Concentrated Solar Heat Used for Heating Compressed Air Flows and Thermo-electric Generators

石津, 智子  ,  中尾, 晃輔  ,  田島, 大輔  ,  友松, 重樹  ,  林, 則行

45pp.173 - 180 , 2016-07-29 , 宮崎大学工学部
We have studied two concentrating solar power generation using a Fresnel lens. Firstly, we have investigated the possibility of system using a high temperature compressed-air engine as the steam turbine of the concentrating solar power generating system. Secondly, the sunlight and solar heat is doing the production of systems that use complex. In this paper, we investigate the basic characteristic of the two concentrating solar power generation. In the study using the compressed air engine, it was produced and basic characteristic investigation of the heating unit for the air heating. The basic properties investigation of the heating unit for the air heating were confirmed an increase in the saturation temperature and the heat exchange rate by the improvement of the heating unit. Thermoelectric generation system is being developed as a primary step to contruct combined power generation system using photovoltaic and solar heat. Therefore, two thermoelectric module were developed and the basic property data was investigated.

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