Departmental Bulletin Paper 西米良村の中山間部における風況観測
Observation of Wind Conditions at Nishimera Village, Miyazaki

石川, 敏嗣  ,  瀬戸, 紘平  ,  三宅, 琢磨  ,  濵砂, 亨  ,  林, 則行

45pp.165 - 172 , 2016-07-29 , 宮崎大学工学部
The energy consumption of Japan is increasing, because the energy is used in the large field of daily life. This energy consumption is supported by fossil fuel imported from foreign like the oil and coal. On other hand, the hilly and mountainous areas of Miyazaki Prefecture has focused on natural energy like the wind power energy. Nishimera village of Miyazaki has interest to combined power generation system that combined the some kind power generation methods like the wind power, solar power and hydro power. If the combined power generation system can stable supply of energy, the system will be supply the electricity to agricultural building of Nishimera village. In this study, authors are sat the wind observing system, because they measurement wind speed and wind direction in the Nishimera village. The measurement result was used for calculate of generation power energy. In addition, authors visited to farmer of Nishimera village. Then, the consumed electrical energy and environment of agricultural building of Nishimera village was research. As a result, the authors found that the wind come from the east in many cases, and the wind speed gradually increased between summer and fall. Concomitantly, the expected generating power also began to increase. And, authors expected from calculation result that the six wind generators of maximum output 3kW need.

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