Departmental Bulletin Paper 完全差動計装アンプの低オフセット電圧化および広出力レンジ化に関する研究
Research on Low-Offset-Voltage and Wide-Output-Voltage-Range of Fully Differential Instrumentation Amplifiers

佐田, 誠  ,  淡野, 公一  ,  田村, 宏樹  ,  外山, 貴子

45pp.139 - 146 , 2016-07-29 , 宮崎大学工学部
In recent years, research and development of various applications using the biological signals (such as EMG, ECG, etc.) measuring systems have been promoted in order to be intended to prediction and early detection of the disease. Instrumentation amplifier (INA) is utilized as preamplifier for biological signal because the INA has the advantages of high-input-impedance, high-gain and high-CMRR. However, conventional INA with fully differential output voltage has disadvantage of deteriorating CMRR and large offset voltage by resistance mismatch. Futhermore, output range is very narrow by using the conventional common-mode sensing technique. In this thesis, a high CMRR fully differential instrumentation amplifier insensitive to resistace mismatch is presented. Futhermore, new commonmode sensing technique is presented. The proposed circuit and poposed technique are confirmed by using HSPICE with 0.6 μm CMOS device parameters. As the result, these contribute to the low offset voltage and wide output range.

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