Departmental Bulletin Paper チョッパースタビライゼーションを用いた増幅器における増幅回路の周波数帯域に関する一考察とその試作
Consideration of Bandwidth of Amplifier Block in Chopper Stabilization Amplifier

工藤, 涼太  ,  淡野, 公一  ,  田村, 宏樹  ,  外山, 貴子

45pp.131 - 137 , 2016-07-29 , 宮崎大学工学部
This thesis presents a consideration of bandwidth of amplifier block in chopper stabilization amplifier. In the theory of the amplifier using chopper stabilization technique, Fourier series expansion often is used. However, frequency band of amplifier circuit is not considered in conventional theory despite using Fourier series expansion. Then, I analyzed chopper stabilization technique in consideration of frequency band of amplifier circuit. As a result, Influence on output signal is not the distortion, but an amplitude reduction. And developed the expression for The attenuation rate of the output signal. To verify the theoretical formula, I designed prototype of the amplifier using the chopper Stabilization technique by 0.6μm CMOS process.

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