Departmental Bulletin Paper 2 つの偏波に対する電磁波散乱モデルにおける散乱電力の比較検討
Comparison of Scattered Power of Electromagnetic Scattering Model for E- and H-Polarized Waves

榊原, 昌太  ,  丸下, 翔大  ,  西浦, 徹  ,  横田, 光広

45pp.125 - 130 , 2016-07-29 , 宮崎大学工学部
The communication under various environments of indoor and outdoor is increasing rapidly because of the rapid spread of mobile terminal. In addition, there are various kinds of the indoor environment, and these affect to radio wave phenomena. Due to these reasons , it is important to analyze the radio wave propagation in indoor. On the other hand, with respect to the propagation loss characteristic of the outdoors, has been examined, and the propagation model and presuming method of the propagation loss is standardized. In this study, the two kinds of the two-dimensional electromagnetic scattering models are examined by using FDTD method. One is the room model and another is the human bodies model. The incident wave is polarized in the vertical and parallel directions to the incident plane. The room model is surrounded by the wall with the conductivity. Also, a human body is assumed to be a loss dielectric cylinder. The electric power distribution are calculated and the effect of the parameters are examined

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