Departmental Bulletin Paper InGaAs/GaAsP系量子井戸太陽電池におけるミニバンド形成過程とその光学的評価
Optical Evaluation of Miniband Formation in InGaAs/GaAsP Quantum Well Solar Cells

松落, 高輝  ,  中村, 翼  ,  武田, 秀明  ,  K, Toprasertpong  ,  杉山, 正和  ,  中野, 義昭  ,  碇, 哲雄  ,  福山, 敦彦

45pp.119 - 123 , 2016-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
To investigate the effect of the miniband formation on the optical properties, we adopted three non-destructive methods of piezoelectric photothermal (PPT), photoluminescence (PL), and photoreflectance (PR) spectroscopies for strain-balanced InGaAs/GaAsP superlattice structure inserted GaAs p-i-n solar cells. From PR measurements, a critical energy corresponding to the subband transition of e1-hh1 was estimated for thick barrier samples, whereas two critical energies corresponding to the mini-Brillouin-zone center (Γ) and edge (Π) were obtained for 2.0-nm thin barrier sample. The PPT and PL spectra of 2.0-nm thin barrier sample also showed the different behaviors than thick barrier samples. The peak positions were located at lower photon energy side because of lowering the transition energy between Γ of e1 miniband and hh1. It was confirmed that the miniband formation causes the redshifts of the optical absorption (PPT) and radiative recombination (PL) processes.

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