Departmental Bulletin Paper GaAsN 薄膜の原子層エピタキシー成長におけるドーパンドSi 供給順序が電気特性に与える影響
Effects of Si Dopant Gas Flow Sequence on Electrical Properties of GaAsN Films Grown by ALE

堀切, 将  ,  横山, 祐貴  ,  鈴木, 秀俊  ,  碇, 哲雄  ,  福山, 敦彦

45pp.115 - 118 , 2016-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
The effects of Si dopant gas flow sequence on electrical properties of GaAsN films have been investigated. The Si-doped and non-doped GaAsN films were grown on semi-insulating GaAs(001) substrate at substrate temperatures of 480, 500 and 520 oC by atomic layer epitaxy (ALE). The non-doped GaAsN films grown by ALE were p-type due to residual carbon atoms worked as acceptor. The Si doped films were also p-type, however carrier density and mobility were smaller than those of the non-doped films. The difference on carrier density between non-doped and Si-doped films was consistent with Si concenteration in the films. Decrease of carrier mobility could be explained by increasing ionized scattering caused by Si. These suggested that Si atoms worked as donor.

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