Departmental Bulletin Paper 擬似太陽光照射による単結晶 Siのキャリア移動度の変化と太陽電池特性への影響
Effect of Concentrator Irradiation on the Carrier Mobility of pand n-Type Single Crystal Si by Hall Measurements

徳田, 直樹  ,  立神, 秀弥  ,  李, 垚  ,  碇, 哲雄  ,  西岡, 賢祐  ,  福山, 敦彦

45pp.111 - 113 , 2017-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
We have carried out the Hall measurement of Si wafer to investigate the dominant scattering mechanism when the concentrator irradiation condition. From the Hall measurements with keeping the sample temperature constant, measured mobility decreased with increasing the sunlight concentration up to 3.0 SUN. It was also found that the ratio of mobility decrease for p-type Si was larger than that for n-type Si. Since the decrease factor is considered to be photo-generated carriers, we calculated the photo-generated carrier concentration assuming both electron and hole exist. We could concluded that decrease of mobility by the concentrator irradiation are due to not the phonon scattering with increasing sample temperature but the increase of both electron and hole concentrations.

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