Departmental Bulletin Paper 超音波気化支援装置を用いた真空紫外光 CVD による石英様薄膜の常圧形成に関する研究
Formation of SiO2-like Thin Films under Atomospheric Pressure by Vacuum Ulraviolet CVD using Ultrasonic Assisted Vaporizer

桑水流, 康記  ,  井上, 祐貴  ,  亀山, 晃弘  ,  横谷, 篤至

45pp.95 - 99 , 2016-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Using ultrasonicwave, we have developed a technique to support the vaporization of TEOS which is hardly vaporized by only decompression in Vacuum ultraviolet chemical vapor deposition (VUV-CVD). Mist of TEOS with the averaged particle size of 4 μm was generated by an equipment combinating a double vessel system and an ultrasonic device of which freguency is 1.7 MHz. TEOS was successfully vaporized under the room temperature and atmospheric pressure by using this equipment, and flat SiO2-like films were deposited with the VUV-CVD method, using a Xe excimer lamp(λ=172 nm). Besides, by the observation with the scanning electron microscope it was found that a number of spherical particles of around 0.6 ~ 0.8 μm in diameter were observed on the film. We have also demonstrated that the spherical particles on the film surface can be reduced by reducing the mist particles from the introducing gas material.

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