Departmental Bulletin Paper ラマン分光法における励起光の侵入長を考慮した薄膜の評価方法
Evaluation Method of Thin Films in Consideration of Penetration Depth of Excitation Light by Raman Spectroscopy

橋本, 英明  ,  山本, 大貴  ,  吉留, 寛貴  ,  横山, 祐貴  ,  前田, 幸治  ,  鈴木, 秀俊

45pp.87 - 89 , 2016-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Raman measurements was performed using two different wavelengths lasers for three different kinds of thickness GaAsN / GaAs thin film. We have compared two methods of fitting. One was fitted with TO and LO peak of sample and another was fitted with 3 peaks, TO, LO and the substrate GaAs LO peak. It was found that the signal from the substrate was superimposed on the signal from the upper layer. In the care of thin film Raman measurement, it is necessary either using the excitation light having the shorter penetration depth than the film thickness or analyzing process to eliminate the influence of the substrate.

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