Departmental Bulletin Paper 固相反応法によって作製したユーロピウムを添加した LiBaPO4蛍光体の発光特性の評価
Luminescence Properties of Eu-doped LiBaPO4 Prepared by Solid State Reaction

木津, 駿斗  ,  前田, 幸治  ,  横山, 宏有

45pp.79 - 81 , 2016-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Eu-doped lithium barium orthophosphate (LiBaPO4) phosphers were prepared by solid state reaction method using two kinds of phosphate raw materials. In the case of NH4H2PO4 raw material , the synthesized sample was close to a single phase , and the lattice constants were depended on Eu contents. PL spectrum showed a broad peak about 520nm because of the Eu2+ ion. The PL intensity increased as the concentration of Eu increased. In the case of (NH4)2HPO4 raw material, there were some impurity phases in the synthesized sample, and the emission intensity was weak. Stress stimulated luminescence was not observed both samples.

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