Departmental Bulletin Paper 固相反応法によって作製したX 線照射前後のサマリウムを添加したホウリン酸塩蛍光体の発光特性
Luminescence Properties of X-ray Irradiated Sm doped Borophosphate Phosphor Prepared by Solid-state Reaction

有村 啓太  ,  前田 幸治  ,  境 健太郎

45pp.69 - 73 , 2016-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Sm doped borophosphate phosphors, SrBPO5, BaBPO5, Ba3BP3O12, and Sr6BP5O20, were prepared by solid-state reaction method. These samples were in good agreement with the reported powder patterns and a signal phase by the powder X-ray diffraction analysis. After the X-ray irradiation to the samples, it was found that part of Sm3+ ions changed to Sm2+ ions observed by photoluminescence (PL) spectra. The PL intensity of the valence changed Sm2+ ions increased with increasing X-ray irradiation time in short time range, and saturated for a long time irradiation. The saturated PL intensities were increased in the longer X-ray penetration depth in each sample. The results of the time dependence on PL intensities were agreed with our simulations which were assumed that the valence changes from Sm3+ ions to Sm2+ ions were the same probability in each Sm3+ ion. We found that Sm3+ ions doped in Ba3BP3O12 and Sr6BP5O20 had a better sensitivity on a valence change to Sm2+ ions by X-ray irradiation.

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