Departmental Bulletin Paper 火花点火機関燃焼室壁面における熱伝達の研究(主流が無視できる場合の検討)
Study on the Heat Transfer in the Combustion Chamber Wall of S.I. Engine (Investigation of Negligible Mainstream)

山口, 陽大  ,  長瀬, 慶紀  ,  戌亥, 太一  ,  友松, 重樹  ,  木村, 正寿

45pp.63 - 68 , 2016-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In order to solve an environmental problem, it is necessary to improve the thermal efficiency of an internal combustion engine. In addition, understanding of the heat transfer on the combustion chamber wall from the burnt gas is necessary. Therefore, in order to calculate the heat transfer from the burned gas to the combustion chamber wall, it is necessary to evaluate the heat transfer coefficient on the combustion chamber wall surface. However, it is difficult to calculate the heat transfer coefficient. Therefore, the equation is required to estimate the heat transfer coefficient with generality. In this study, we measured the heat flux on the combustion chamber wall by setting the thin film type heat flux probe at various places, cylinder head, cylinder liner and piston head, of the combustion chamber of the test engine (TRE). Furthermore, the measurement results were expressed by dimensionless numbers of Nusselt number (Nu) and Fourier number (Fo). And the heat flux calculated by an expression of relation was compared with the heat flux calculated by the expression of Woschni in each measurement points. As a result, the calculated of the heat transfer coefficients were closed to experimental value.

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