Departmental Bulletin Paper 離散要素法による粒状体ダンパの制振効果の解析(振動低減効果に及ぼすダンパ容器形状の影響)
Analysis of Damping Effect of Particle Damper by Discrete Element Method (Influence of Damper Container Shape on Vibrating Reduction Effect)

若田, 圭史  ,  岡部, 匡  ,  濱畑, 貴之

45pp.57 - 62 , 2016-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Particle damping is a technic providing damping with granular materials within containers in a vibrating machine. The particle damper has been used successfully in many fields for vibration reduction. Particle-to-wall and particle-toparticle collisions occur under the vibration of the machine. By installing the particle damper to the machine, momentum between particles and machine is exchanged, and kinetic energy of the vibratory system is dissipated due to the friction generated among the particles and elastic deformation of particles. It is difficult to predict the damping characteristics due to complex motions of the particles in the damper container. We utilized the discrete element method (DEM) to calculate the motion of particles in the container of the particle damper. In the simulation, motion of particles, the force acting on main vibrating body, the energy dissipation, and the center of gravity of particles in damper container are calculated. In this paper, influence of damper container shape on vibration reducing effect was verified by experimental results and analytical results. The slope was installed in bottom of the damper container. Parameters for experimental and analysis were mass of particles, diameter of particles, and angle of slope installed in bottom of the damper container. According to experimentals and analysis results, damping effect was improved by changing of damper container shape.

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