Departmental Bulletin Paper 海水環境下におけるセメント・石灰処理した粘性土の力学的劣化の進行に及ぼす影響要因
Influential Factors of Mechanical Deterioration of Cement/Lime Treated Clay under Seawater

原, 弘行  ,  末次, 大輔  ,  亀井, 健史

45pp.7 - 14 , 2016-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Deterioration of chemical treated soil under some natural environment has become an important issue for durability of improved soft ground. This paper discusses on the progress speed of deterioration of cement/lime treated clay under seawater condition. In laboratory test, treated soil specimens which were stabilized by three types of stabilizers (blast-furnace cement type B, ordinary Portland cement and quick lime) were immersed in several concentration of seawater, change in mechanical deteriorated range was investigated by using micro cone penetration test. Conclusions of this research are summarized as follows: 1) Deteriorated range of cement/lime treated clay expands in proportion to square root of contacting duration with seawater. 2) Additive ratio of CaO for original clay helps to find a unique relationship on the deterioration rate regardless of stabilizer types. 3) Deterioration rate of treated clay increase with square root of magnesium concentration in seawater.

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