Journal Article 木ねじの形状が軽軟材の引き抜き性能に及ぼす影響

白, 惠琇  ,  森田, 秀樹  ,  飯村, 豊  ,  今井, 富士夫

78 ( 686 )  , pp.817 - 824 , 2015-06-04 , 日本建築学会
An experimental investigation was conducted to clarify the influence of wood screw shape on withdrawal performance as a fundamental step to develop a new wood screw, which is appropriate for soft and light wood. The characteristic results can be summarized as follows: (1) The improvement rate of withdrawal resistance by the penetration of unthreaded shank portion in Sugi was about two times higher than that in Douglas-fir. (2) The increase of thread minor diameter to the same thread major diameter in Sugi brought improvement in withdrawal resistance in contrast with the result in Redwood.

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