Departmental Bulletin Paper IoT 環境における REST 通信のためのCoAPと HTTP の選択指標に関する検討
A Study of Effective Indicators to Select the Protocol CoAP or HTTP Communicating with REST in IoT Environment

久保田, 真一郎  ,  溝上, 紘史  ,  山場, 久昭  ,  岡崎, 直宣

44pp.229 - 233 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
The IoT(Internet of Things), which means to connect all of the things around us to the Internet, enables us monitor and control status of things. A huge number of clients communicate with a server using various band-width in IoT environment. The Constrained application protocol(CoAP) has been proposed by IETF so as to use in IoT. However, the difference between the performance of CoAP and HTTP in various communication environment is not shown. This paper shows some indicators in a case where the CoAP works more effectively than HTTP based on a simulation.

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