Departmental Bulletin Paper A Web-Based Software Testing Tool with Visualization for Java Programs

Saputra, Mochamad Chandra  ,  Katayama, Tetsuro  ,  Suyono, Hadi  ,  Basuki, Achmad

44pp.209 - 220 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Visualization is one of the important techniques for software testing. The purpose of software testing is not only to find errors, but also to understand the behavior of a code through visualization. This research implements a web-based software testing tool for java programs using statement and branch coverage, and visualizes the result of testing. The research displays a measurement result of statement and branch coverage as a percentage of a successful tested code.###The tool can inform the user using visualization to understand the behavior of the tested code and its testing status. The correlation between visual information and software testing, visual information of the tested code describes the behavior of the code as a sequence of the executed lines. Our implementation of web-based software testing tool for java programs significantly reduces the time consume for testing a software code, 743 ms using our testing tool and over 4 minutes using manual testing. Hence, the efficiency of the unit testing for java programs is improved.

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