Departmental Bulletin Paper 交流 TIG 溶接における陰極点の可視化方法の確立および陰極点の形成位置についての考察
Establishment of Observation Method of Cathode Spots in AC TIG Welding and Consideration on the Cathode Spots Location

安井, 賢太郎  ,  木之下, 広幸  ,  湯地, 敏史  ,  藤丸, 厚志  ,  房野, 俊夫  ,  田代, 真一  ,  田中, 学

44pp.183 - 186 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In this study, we have proposed the method that enables cathode spots in AC TIG welding to observe at arbitrary time. In the measurement system, a high speed camera and multi-data acquisition system were used. In response to welding starting signal, the current and voltage during AC TIG welding were measured simultaneously, and then shooting of cathode spots by the high speed camera was begun with arbitrary waiting time after receiving the starting signal of welding. From the observation of cathode spots in AC TIG welding of aluminum alloy, the usefulness of the measurement method was demonstrated.

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