Departmental Bulletin Paper ビームダウン式太陽集光装置のための発電用エンジンの研究
Study on Power Generation Engine for Beam-Down Solar Concentrator

下別府, 陽平  ,  友松, 重樹  ,  長瀬, 慶紀  ,  河村, 隆介

44pp.179 - 182 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
The solar thermal power system attracts attention because solar energy is a kind of new energy which does not adversely affect the environment. A steam turbine which is used for the solar thermal power system uses a lot of water. The Sun Belt zone which has high direct solar radiation is suitable for the solar thermal power system. However, these areas correspond with desert zone and water shortage water zone. Accordingly, it is needed to develop an electricity generating system which does not use the water. In order to solve the problem, the authors develop a generator with a reciprocating engine driven by only compressed air. This engine was remodeled from four strokes to two strokes. Valve timing was decided by considering ideal p-V diagram. Intake valve opening period is from TDC to 100 deg. and exhaust valve opening period is from BDC to TDC. During the valve closing period, internal gas expands adiabatically. The engine takes compressed air from a compressor through a surge tank. The maximum supply pressure was 0.7MPa. In the experiment, temperature of intake and exhaust port, cylinder internal pressure was measured. In order to evaluate the performance of the engine, indicated work and various coefficients was calculated. As a result, it is found that the maximum efficiency was approximately 6.6 % under 443 W of load condition. In comparison with the theoretical efficiency, it is very low. Therefore, further development should be done.

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