Departmental Bulletin Paper Factors Influencing the Resource Separation Behavior by the Waste Bank System in Malang City, Indonesia

Matsuyama, Ayumi  ,  Sekito, Tomoo  ,  Meidiana, Christia  ,  Prayogo, Tri Budi  ,  Dote, Yutaka

44pp.161 - 166 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In 2011, a household resource recovery system from households was introduced in Malang city, Indonesia; this system was called Bank Sampah Malang (BSM). This system would contribute to the reduction of the volume of household waste carried to final disposal sites in the city. However, there are few studies on household resource recovery systems. In this study, a survey was conducted to obtain demographic information on the participants, their motivation for joining the BSM, and its inconvenience. It was found that reducing the number of categories of BSM resources could be an important strategy in reducing the burden of participating in the BSM.

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