Departmental Bulletin Paper Improvement of the Malang Transport Operation System: A Malang Review of the Angkot Performance Service system

Habibi, M. Iqbal  ,  Shimamoto, Hiroshi  ,  Deguchi, Chikashi  ,  Wicaksono, Achmad  ,  Suharyanto, Agus

44pp.145 - 154 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
ANGKOT (from ANGkutan=transportation and KOTa=city) is a public transportation system in Malang, East Java Province, Indonesia. The increasing population there is not matched by the growth of transportation producing traffic congestion, accidents, and air pollution. The population growth also has increased of the rate of private vehicle ownership. The growth and development of the urban population has affected the balance between the size and needs of the population and the Angkot service, resulting in a lack of efficiency. This research compares the demand and the frequency of Angkot with the travel demands of the populace and the directness of the service of Angkot in Malang. It finds that some of streets in Malang like “Jalan Soekarno Hatta", “Jalan Mt. Haryono", and “Jalan Kyai Tamin" present a mismatch between demand and frequency of Angkot, therefore there is room to rearrange the Angkot network and improve the Angkot service.

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