Departmental Bulletin Paper 真空紫外 CVD を用いた光学素子基板の平坦化処理技術に関する研究
Flattening Treatment of Substrate for Optical Components Using the Vacuum Ultraviolet CVD

川添, 圭祐  ,  柳井, 秀仁  ,  桑水流, 康記  ,  小野, 聡一郎  ,  長川, 裕耶  ,  亀山, 晃弘  ,  横谷, 篤至

44pp.83 - 86 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In order to shorten the processing period for polishing of substrates for optical components, we have developed a technique of flattening treatment of the substrate utilizing the vacuum ultraviolet method. The flattening property and the laser damage resistance of the treated substrate have been evaluated. Substrate with scratches in one direction was used for the flattening treatment. As a result, scratches with widths less than 0.5 μm were found to be covered smoothly after the 40 minute-deposition. Experiments to evaluate the laser damage resistance of the treated substrates were performed by the fourth harmonic and the second harmonic of Nd:YAG laser. The results indicated that the some of obtained values were high enough compared to the damage threshold of the dielectric multilayer films asuming to use for the high-reflactance mirrors. In the evaluation of laser damage resistance, it was found that a tendency of peeling of the film was due to differences in the absorption coefficient of the two laser wavelengths.

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