Departmental Bulletin Paper 真空紫外光 CVD による薄膜形成技術における難気化原料使用の可能性の検討
Study for the Possibility of Utilization of Lower Volatility Material in Thin Film Deposition by the Vacuum Ultraviolet CVD

柳井, 秀仁  ,  川添, 圭祐  ,  桑水流, 康記  ,  小野, 聡一郎  ,  長川, 裕耶  ,  亀山, 晃弘  ,  横谷, 篤至

44pp.77 - 81 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In mass production of electronic and optical devices, lower processing temperature is required for reducing cost and environmental load. We have developed a technique to support the vaporization of supplying raw materials for the vacuum ultraviolet-CVD without heating by using an ultrasonic mist generator. In this work, we used the TEOS of which vaporization rate is not enough at room temperature. We did not obtain any films in deposition experiments in which we introduced 150 Pa of the mixed gas which contained the saturated vapor of TEOS at atmospheric pressure into the chamber for CVD. However, we have successfully obtained dense and flat silica films when mist of TEOS is introduced together under the same total pressure of 150 Pa. Though silica films were a7lso obtained when the mixture of 0.1 MPa was introduced into the chamber, porous-structured films are obtained. This maybe due to interference caused by nitrogen which is the main component of the mixture. From these results, in order to obtain the films of good quality it is necessary to achieve both reduction of total pressure and increase of the partial pressure of TEOS. To achieve both the conditions consistently, it is considered that the mist of TEOS should be introduced under some reduced pressure, and then, vaporized `in the chamber.

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