Departmental Bulletin Paper InGaAs/GaAs(001)界面における成長初期過程の転位の X 線回折およびトポグラフ法を用いた観察
Misfit Dislocations of Initial Growth Stage in InGaAs/GaAs(001)Interface Observed Using X-ray Diffraction and Topography

高比良, 潤  ,  小寺, 大介  ,  境, 健太郎  ,  前田, 幸治  ,  大下, 祥雄  ,  鈴木, 秀俊

44pp.71 - 75 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Reciprocal space mapping (RSM) and X-ray topography (XRT) were performed to understand the anisotropies of misfit dislocations (MDs) formed in the initial growth stage of InGaAs on GaAs(001). The MDs densities increased with increasing both In composition and the film thickness, and it highly depended on the film thickness rather than the In composition. Anisotropies in MDs distribution observed by XRT were good agreement with those observed by RSM. In addition, the 15% of Burgers vectors for all MDs could be identified by XRT.

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