Departmental Bulletin Paper 硫酸バリウムにユーロピウムを添加した蛍光体の X 線照射による発光特性の変化
Luminescence Properties of X-ray irradiated Eu-doped BaSO_4

有村, 啓太  ,  直野, 令磨  ,  前田, 幸治  ,  境, 健太郎

44pp.67 - 69 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Eu doped BaSO_4 phosphors were prepared by solid-state reaction method in air and reduction atmosphere. The PL results indicated that Eu^<2+> and Eu^<3+> were existed in the sample before X-ray irradiation. The luminescence properties in the shape of the spectrum and emission intensity were not changed after X-ray irradiation. The ionic valence of Eu ions can not possibly change induced by X-ray irradiation. In addition X-ray excited purple luminescence was observed. The intensity was weaker than that of Sm doped BaSO_4. It was found that Eu doped BaSO_4 was not suitable for the Xray detection material.

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