Departmental Bulletin Paper 観測面前後に複数の人が存在する場合の伝搬損失特性に関する数値的検討
Numerical Examination on Propagation Loss Properties When Human Bodies Exist Backward of Receiver

田中, 保剛  ,  横田, 光広

44pp.59 - 62 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
So far, the propagation loss properties for one or two persons from the experimental and numerical points of view have been studied. In this report, the propagation loss properties when the human bodies exist in the front and backward of the receiver are examined numerically. A human body is modeled by a lossy dielectric cylinder, and the propagation loss properties for the passerby density and distance between the transmitter and receiver are examined numerically. It is found that the averaged received power approaches to a certain value when the propagation distance becomes longer

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