Departmental Bulletin Paper 送信点付近に複数の人が存在する場合の伝搬損失特性の数値的検討
Numerical Examination on Propagation Loss Properties in Case Human Bodies Exist near the Transmitter

横田, 光広  ,  榊原, 昌太  ,  田中, 保剛

44pp.55 - 58 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In mobile communications, the communication under various environments is increasing by the rapid spread of the number of the portable terminals. Therefore, many examinations have been reported about the outdoor propagation loss characteristic, and the propagation model and the presuming method are standardized. In this report, the propagation properties for the case of existing the human around the transmitter by using FDTD method. A human body is assumed to be a loss dielectric cylinder. The propagation loss are examined the effect of the passerby density and the existing the people in the backward area. It is found that the scattered field from the backward area is larger in comparison with that from the forward area.

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