Departmental Bulletin Paper シリコーン材料の劣化特性の評価
Evaluation of Degradation Characteristics of Silicone Rubber

陣内, 雅人  ,  山下, 大地  ,  岩本, 丈  ,  三宅, 琢磨  ,  迫田, 達也

44pp.33 - 40 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Polymeric material has attracted much attention because of lightweight, high-insulation performance, and anti-weather aging performance. However, the aged deterioration is anxious because of dry band arc discharge generated on the surface of the polymer materials. In this paper, we first evaluated discharge ignition time on the polymeric material surface and weight decrease by a salt fog aging test with AC or DC voltage application. It was found that discharge ignition time became short as average electric field for a electrode gap was high. Secondly, we evaluated influence of conductivity of polluted material on the polymeric material surface on discharge ignition time by a salt fog aging test with AC voltage application. The results showed that the polluted material with high conductivity promoted the deterioration of the polymeric material surface by using the salt water of high conductivity.

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