Departmental Bulletin Paper 低周波から中間周波における人体内部インピーダンス測定装置の開発
Development of the Internal Human Body Impedance Measuring Device in Low Frequency to Medium Frequency

堀, 晃太郎  ,  麦谷, 翔平  ,  迫田, 達也  ,  林, 則行  ,  太良尾, 浩生

44pp.27 - 31 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In this study, was confirmed using a simple biological equivalent model to whether can be accurately measured on you ignore the skin impedance simulating the human body current imiting device and the four-terminal method of human body internal impedance measuring device. Current limiting device is operating near the 20 μA also at a frequency of 100 kHz throat from 55 Hz, also was operating normally at around 20μA even repeated number of times. From the above results, it was confirmed that running successfully current limiting device in the frequency band from 55Hz in the biological equivalent model that was simulated by R and C to 100kHz. For human body impedance measurement accuracy, the maximum error of 6.9% for the magnitude of the impedance has a maximum error of 6.1% for the phase angle. Therefore, the human body impedance measurement apparatus used in this measurement is 7% error for the magnitude of the impedance below the phase angle was confirmed that it is possible to make measurements with an error of 6.2% or less accuracy. Also from the comparison by the Cole-Cole plot, the actual measurement value is I it can be seen that shows the RC parallel circuit.

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