Departmental Bulletin Paper デシカント空調システムにおける除湿性能の向上手法
Improvement of the Dehumidification Performance in Desiccant Air Conditioning System

佐々木, 仁  ,  村田, 遼太郎  ,  田島, 大輔  ,  林, 則行

44pp.21 - 25 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Co-generation system has become an effective method to solve the global warming and energy problem. The system can achieve high efficiency both by using electric generation and by exhaust heat recovery. On the other hand, the development of the environmental improvement technology in the greenhouse is demanded agricultural sector. It is thought that desiccant air conditioning system can solve these problems. Two experiments were conducted in this research. First, characteristic of the dehumidification quantity on different air volume and regenerating air temperature was requested by dehumidification examination. As the result, using a desiccant air conditioning system, it was confirmed that can be controlled relative humidity in a greenhouse. Second, dehumidified outside air in the desiccant air conditioning system, was blown into the greenhouse. The temperature and relative humidity of air were measured, therewith were compared the results of the circulation method. As the result, using the ventilation method, it could be dehumidified as compared to the circulation method. Through this study, it was clarified that using the ventilation system can be controlled temperature and relative humidity in to the greenhouse

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