Departmental Bulletin Paper 温度変化I-V 測定によるAlGaAs/GaAs 単一量子井戸からのキャリア熱脱出過程の評価
Study of Thermally Carrier Escape from an AlGaAs/GaAs Single Quantum Well Using Temperature-Dependent I-V Measurements

村上, 匠  ,  倉留, 弘憲  ,  杉本, 泰士  ,  相原, 健人  ,  福山, 敦彦  ,  碇, 哲雄

44pp.1 - 4 , 2015-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
To investigate the thermally carrier escape from a quantum well (QW) and its transportation, the temperature-dependent current-voltage (I-V) measurements were adopted to the AlGaAs/GaAs single QW structure. Since the present QW structure was composed of thick i-AlGaAs barriers and i-GaAs well, the injected carriers should thermally escape from the QW. The I-V measurements with applied voltage of -0.3~0.4 V were carried out at 100 ~ 300 K. The I-V curves showed the double-Schottky characteristics for all measured temperatures, and output currents increased with increasing the temperature. They well reflected the thermally carrier escapes from QW. Assuming the two processes of thermally carrier escape from the QW and recombination wihin QW, the activation energies for thermally carrier escapes could be estimated by fitting the Arrhenius equations. Estimated activation energies were corresponded to the calculated values between first electron subbands in QW and the top of AlGaAs potential barriers. It was confirmed that the injected carriers can thermally escape from the QW even the high potential barrier of a few hundreds of photon energy.

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