Journal Article 計算式で再現される人の「学び」について : 人工知能に対する教育学的視点からの考察
Some critical remarks on "Learning" between humans and machines from a pedagogical point of view
ケイサインシキ デ サイゲン サレル ヒト ノ マナビ ニツイテ : ジンコウ チノウ ニタイスル キョウイクガクテキ シテン カラノ コウサツ

石﨑, 貴士

(15)  , pp.19 - 26 , 2018-03-31 , 山形大学地域教育文化学部山形英語研究会
A crucial concern for modern society is whether artificial intelligence, or AI, has become a blessing or a curse for humankind. Recently, AI has been improved for its “deep learning” and applied to various new fields. However, some people are concerned that AI will evolve to overtake human learning. Previously, this pressing issue called “singularity” has been dealt with widely, but somewhat technically. Therefore, this paper intends to make some critical remarks about this matter from three different perspectives; (1) the problem in biological plausibility, (2) the enigma of human learning, and (3) the goals of AI.

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