Journal Article Strain-hardening characteristics of ferrite layers in pearlite microstructure

Yasuda, Yohei  ,  Ohashi, Tetsuya  ,  Shimokawa, Tomotsugu  ,  Niiyama, Tomoaki

34 ( 7 )  , pp.772 - 779 , 2018-05-03 , Taylor and Francis Ltd.
Strain hardening of ferrite layers in pearlite microstructures plays a crucial role in the stability of elasto-plastic deformation of pearlite. The effects of layer thickness, crystal orientation relationship and loading direction on the strain-hardening characteristics of the ferrite layers were studied by crystal plasticity analysis. The results show that the strain-hardening rate increases in the ferrite layers with small thickness, whereas at the same thickness, the strain-hardening rate varies depending on the loading direction and crystal orientation relationship. When the Schmid factors and mean-free paths of the activated systems are small and short, the strain-hardening rate tends to be high. The ferrite layer exhibits a remarkably high strain-hardening rate when slip systems are sequentially activated with the increase of deformation. © 2017 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.
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