Departmental Bulletin Paper 言語プログラム導入に対する量的評価と質的評価:学生へのアンケートに基づく分析
A Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation for an Introduction of New Language Education Program: Based on a Questionnaire Survey to Students

木村, 高宏  ,  山本, 竜大  ,  Kimura, Takahiro  ,  Yamamoto, Tatsuhiro

12pp.33 - 53 , 2018-03 , 金沢大学国際基幹教育院外国語教育系
This article is an empirical study based on a questionnaire survey for undergraduates and faculty members on educational materials for a new English program. Materials used in class may seem too technical for sophomore level undergraduates. Our quantitative and qualitative analyses find following points: requests about lectures themselves, which are also seen in existing subjects, gap between the language ability of students and that assumed by teachers, demand for new language course using technical materials, and (un)clear relation between this program and English tests given by third parties. These findings suggest that the satisfaction level depends on the lack of communication between concept originator and undergraduates about the “P (Plan) phase” of new program introduction.

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