Journal Article A foot-care program to facilitate self-care by the elderly: A non-randomized intervention study UMIN000029632 UMIN

Omote, Shizuko  ,  Watanabe, Arisu  ,  Hiramatsu, Tomoko  ,  Saito, Emiko  ,  Yokogawa, Masami  ,  Okamoto, Rie  ,  Sakakibara, Chiaki  ,  Ichimori, Akie  ,  Kyota, Kaoru  ,  Tsukasaki, Keiko

10 ( 1 )  , p.586 , 2017-11-09 , BioMed Central Ltd.
Objective: We aimed to evaluate a foot-care awareness program designed to improve foot morphology, physical functioning, and fall prevention among the community-dwelling elderly. Eleven independent community-dwelling elderly women (aged 61-83 years) were provided with foot-care advice and shown effective foot-care techniques to perform regularly for 6 months, and compared with a control group of 10 elderly women who did not receive any intervention. Measurements of foot form, functional capacity, subjective foot movement, and physical function were taken at baseline and 6-month follow-up. Results: At follow-up, improvements were seen in the intervention group in foot morphology, subjective foot movement, foot pressure, and balance. In the intervention group, 90% of women had maintained or improved foot form and none of them had fallen during the post-intervention period, compared to the control group where 30% improved foot form (p = 0.0075) and four (40%) of them had fallen. Therefore, a foot-care program may have the potential to prevent falls and improve mobility among the elderly. Trial Registration UMIN-CTR No. UMIN000029632. Date of Registration: October 19, 2017 © 2017 The Author(s).

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