Departmental Bulletin Paper Chinese Large-scale Archaeological Site Conservation and Local Residents’ Livelihood : Considering the Cases of Yin Xu and Han Yangling Sites

Wang, Dongdong

2pp.1 - 25 , 2016-03 , International Center for Cultural Resource Studies, Kanazawa University , 金沢大学人間社会研究域附属国際文化資源学研究センター
With the increasing threats posed by natural disasters and urbanization, as well as the need to display and utilize archaeological sites, the conservation of Chinese archaeological sites, especially large-scale archaeological sites, has been conducted. However, the wishes and emotions of local residents who are affected by such conservation have not received due consideration. To comprehensively study local residents living in and nearby Chinese large-scale archaeological sites, this research selected Yin Xu and Han Yangling as cases where there is a close relationship between conservation efforts and residents. By reviewing the process of archaeological site conservation and surveying the attitudes and living conditions of local residents, this study identified three main disparities between conservation policy and plan implementation as well as the wishes and feelings of local residents. Based on the findings, some suggestions are offered, along with considerations of feasibility.

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