Research Paper Numerical Construction of Energy-Theoretic Crack Propagation based on a Localized Francfort-Marigo Model

Armanda, Ikhsan  ,  Kimura, Masato  ,  Takaishi, Takeshi  ,  Maharani, Ahsani Ummi

6pp.35 - 41 , 2015-05-31 , Kanazawa e-Publishing
We simulate straight crack propagation using idea from the classical Griÿth theory and Francfort-Marigo energy. According to the energy-theoretic model proposed by Francfort and Marigo, propagation of a straight crack is described by means of sum of elastic and surface energies. We modify the Francfort-Marigo model by replacing the global minimum by a local one in order to be consistent with the Griÿth theory. We numerically construct some energy-theoretic propagation of straight cracks using finite element method and show some discontinuous growth behaviour of the crack.
Selected Papers from the International Symposium on Computational Science - International Symposium on Computational Science Kanazawa University, Japan

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