Journal Article Prolonged neutropenia due to antihuman neutrophil antigen 2 (CD177) antibody after bone marrow transplantation

Wada, Taizo  ,  Miyamoto, Satoshi  ,  Okamoto, Hiroyuki  ,  Matsuda, Yusuke  ,  Toma, Tomoko  ,  Imai, Kohsuke  ,  Takagi, Masatoshi  ,  Morio, Tomohiro  ,  Yachie, Akihiro

64 ( 7 )  , p.e26388 , 2017-07-01 , John Wiley and Sons Inc.
We describe a patient who presented with prolonged neutropenia due to anti-human neutrophil antigen (HNA)-2 (CD177) antibody after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. A granulocyte immunofluorescence test showed bimodal expression of antineutrophil antibody that resulted from specific binding of anti-HNA-2 to CD177+ neutrophils from healthy donors. The patient did not respond to granulocyte colony stimulating factor, which is able to upregulate CD177 expression on neutrophils. The low percentage of CD177+ cells in the few remaining neutrophils supports the possibility of elimination of CD177-upregulated neutrophils. These findings might explain an inferior response to neutrophil growth factors in neutropenia secondary to anti-HNA-2 antibody. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
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