Journal Article Sensorless parameter estimation of electromagnetic transducer considering eddy currents

Ikegame, Toru  ,  Takagi, Kentaro  ,  Inoue, Tsuyoshi  ,  Jikuya, Ichiro

45pp.130 - 142 , 2017-08-01 , Elsevier
This paper presents a method of estimating the parameters of an electromagnetic transducer without sensors. The proposed method utilizes the measured admittance of the electromagnetic transducer, and therefore position, velocity, and/or acceleration sensors are not necessary in this framework. Novel impedance models are proposed based on the basic physical principles of electromagnetics; in particular, the effect of eddy currents has been included in these proposed models. The validity of the proposed estimation method and models was experimentally demonstrated by comparing the parameter estimation and vibration control capabilities of the proposed models with three conventional models. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd
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