Journal Article Effect of difference in interaction strength on two-dimensional lattice structure in a binary system with DNA nanoparticles

Tanaka, Keita  ,  Katsuno, Hiroyasu  ,  Sato, Masahide

56p.075001 , 2017-06-21 , 応用物理学会 = The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Keeping two-dimensional lattice structures formed by nanoparticles covered with DNA in mind, we carry out Brownian dynamics simulations to study the effect of interaction strength on a two-dimensional lattice structure formed in a binary system. In our previous study [H. Katsuno, Y. Maegawa, and M. Sato, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 85, 074605 (2016)], we carried out simulations using the Lennard-Jones potential, in which the difference in interaction length was taken into account. When the interaction length between different species, σ$, is smaller than that between the same species, σ, various lattice structures were formed with changing the ratio σ$/σ. In this paper, taking the difference in the interaction strength into account, we study the effect of the difference in interaction strength on the two-dimensional lattice structure. © 2017 The Japan Society of Applied Physics
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