Journal Article 積層リングコアの磁気特性に及ぼすかしめ・焼き嵌めの影響
Effect of Interlocking and Shrink-fitting Stress on Magnetic Properties of Laminated Ring Cores

藤村, 浩志  ,  屋鋪, 裕義  ,  児嶋, 浩  ,  中山, 大成

Less deterioration in magnetic properties of laminated cores, produced in the manufacturing process by automatic interlocking die, is important in order to reduce energy loss in motors. This report evaluates the influences of shrink fitting on magnetic properties of interlocked ring cores. Core losses increases because of the deformation caused by interlocking and shrink fitting. And then it was found that the eddy current losses of the ring cores increased due to both the compressive stress in magnetizing direction and the electrically short-circuit between sheets in the interlocking parts, through comparison with the single sheet core losses under the applied compressive stress. Eddy current losses under the compressive stress were discussed using the magnetic domain model.

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