Journal Article 間歇的伸張運動によるラットヒラメ筋廃用性萎縮の変化: 筋萎縮抑制効果の経時的変化に関して
Changes in Disuse Atrophy of the Rat Soleus Muscle due to Intermittent Stretching Exercise

久保, あずさ  ,  上野, 勝也  ,  宮地, 諒  ,  山崎, 俊明

32 ( 2 )  , pp.165 - 170 , 2017-01-01 , Society of Physical Therapy Science = 理学療法科学学会
〔目的〕廃用性萎縮筋に対する間歇的伸張運動の筋萎縮抑制効果を,経時的および長軸部位別に検討すること.〔対象と方法〕対象は,8週齢Wistar系ラットのヒラメ筋とした.通常飼育をするC群,後肢懸垂を行うHS群,後肢懸垂中に伸張運動を行うST群に分けた.さらにそれぞれ0・3・7・10・14日時点に群分けした.実験期間終了後,筋の近位・中央・遠位部で凍結切片を作成,HE染色を行い,筋線維横断面積(CSA)を測定した.〔結果〕伸張運動開始14日目でHS 群のCSAがST群と比較し有意に高値を示した.また,14日目のST群で,中央・遠位部での筋線維横断面積の減少率がHS群に比べて小さかった.〔結語〕廃用性萎縮筋は伸張運動により経時的に変化し,萎縮抑制効果は長軸部位により異なることが示唆された. [Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of intermittent stretching exercise on disuse atrophy of the rat soleus muscle with respect to site and the change over time in the inhibitory effect on atrophy. [Subjects and Methods] Eighty-three 8-week-old male Wistar rats were divided into 3 groups: a control group which was reared under standard conditions (C0/3/7/10/14), a hind-limb suspension group (HS3/7/10/14), and a stretching exercise group (ST3/7/10/14). After the completion of each experimental period the soleus muscle was cut into proximal, middle, and distal samples, which were stained with hematoxylin and eosin, and the cross-sectional area (CSA) was measured. [Results] The CSA of ST14 was significantly greater than that of HS14. The reduction rate of the CSA in the middle and distal regions of ST14 was small compared to that of HS14. [Conclusion] The results suggest that disuse atrophy is altered over time by stretching exercise, and that there are differences in effect among the longitudinal sites of the soleus muscle.

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