Journal Article Urban Growth Boundaries of the Hangzhou Metropolitan Area Based on Ecosystem Service

Haoying, Han  ,  Qiwei, Ma  ,  Yonghua, Li

The identification of urban growth boundaries (UGBs) as components of an ecologically liveable city is rather significant in urban space management. However, the evaluation of ecosystem service in establishing UGBs as reactions to protect open spaces and ecological sensitive area are largely ignored. Furthermore, the lack of scenario analysis for urban growth patterns has made it difficult to adjust planning existed. Accordingly, in this paper, we take Hangzhou metropolitan areas (HMA) as the study area, using Landsat TM image data, and established the UGBs for the HMA based on ecosystem service by the Green Infrastructure Assessment (GIA) model with scenario analysis. The results suggested that: 1) The risk of urban development in the northern and eastern areas of the central city is relatively low, while the southern, eastern and south-western areas need intensive protection; 2) In the model of ecological management, the erosion of ecological space has increased gradually and the regional ecological patterns in the fourth scenarios have faced great challenges; 3) UGBs for the HMA were identified as the view of development and ecological space complementarily.

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