Departmental Bulletin Paper 崇實の二子とその妻・姻族について: 同年歯録にみる清代後期完顔氏の姻戚関係の一齣
Daughters-in-law of Chongshi崇賓and their Clans: Relations by Marriage of the Wanggiya Clan完顔氏with the Yanggiya Clan楊佳氏and the Yehe Nara Clan 葉赫那拉氏in the Late Qing清Period as seen in'Tong nian chi lu同年歯録, or the Lists of Successful Candidates in the Imperial Examinations'

古市, 大輔

(9)  , pp.1 - 14 , 2017-03-25 , 金沢大学歴史言語文化学系: The Faculty of Letters Kanazawa University

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