Departmental Bulletin Paper フランス語の名詞の性の覚え方について: 限られた初級レベルの語彙の学習を支援する試み
How to memorize the gender of nouns in French: An attempt to help learners focusing on a limited number of elementary vocabulary words

三上, 純子

11pp.79 - 87 , 2017-03-01 , 金沢大学国際基幹教育院外国語教育系
Gender of nouns is one of the most difficult parts about learning French especially for beginners. As there are no general rules for determining if a noun is masculine or feminine, many students find it too hard to memorize the gender of every noun they learn. Such a situation needs to be improved in order to keep learners motivated. This article aims to report about an attempt to make it easier for elementary level learners to memorize the gender of nouns.

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