Departmental Bulletin Paper 多様な自然環境を有する自治体における住民の防災意識について: 石川県白山市におけるアンケート調査に基づいて
An Awareness of the Effects of Natural Disasters on the Lives of Local Residents. The Case of Hakusan City, Ishikawa, Japan - an Environmentally Diverse Municipality

青木, 賢人  ,  林, 紀代美

48pp.45 - 55 , 2017-03-28 , 金沢大学環日本海域環境研究センター = Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology Kanazawa University
In Japan, an area of municipality has expanded due to the merger since 2000's. As a result of this merger, various natural environments in Japan that often experience natural disasters and hazards were placed under the authority of local government bodies. Information from the local government is quite important for local people in terms of making preparations to deal with a natural disaster. However, after the merger, information on disaster preparations measures was compiled at a central government level and became too broad and exhaustive. People thus found that they had to make up their own minds about the appropriate measures for their respective areas. This means that, at times, many people are still not adequately informed as to how to prepare for and respond to disasters in their localities. In this study, we carried out a questionnaire survey in Hakusan city to observe the diversity of opinions in relation to awareness about natural disasters. The survey found that many residents were unaware of how to properly respond to varying types of natural hazards, particularly less frequent disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The authors consider the cause of these misunderstandings to be the poor channels through which residents access disaster information. Most local people access their information through media sources such as TV, radio and newspapers but this tends to be very general and is aimed at a nation-wide audience. At the same time, residents also utilize local government information but this too tends to be very broad and general. In order to provide appropriate and accurate information on how to deal with natural hazards and disasters, specific localized information is required. Localized channels and means of communications such as presentations and lectures, community-based learning groups etc. are necessary to better assist local residents.

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