Departmental Bulletin Paper 能登町の小学校授業におけるウニの発生実験の活用
A Learning Activity Relating to the Artificial Insemination of Sea Urchins(for Elementary School Classes in Noto)

浦田, 慎  ,  松本, 京子  ,  清本, 正人  ,  松原, 道男  ,  鈴木, 信雄

48pp.1 - 8 , 2017-03-28 , 金沢大学環日本海域環境研究センター = Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology Kanazawa University
In this activity, the eggs and sperm of sea urchins were used for the study of fertilization and embryogenesis. These sea urchin gametes are a favorite material for the observation of the processes of fertilization, cleavage, embryogenesis and larval development in senior high school and university biology courses. In Japan, some sea urchin programs are also occasionally incorporated into junior high school courses. In this article, we present practical examples of observations and experiments regarding sea urchin adults, fertilization and early development. These were successfully carried out in an elementary school classroom. Questionnaire survey responses from children showed that they gained an appreciation for the fact that successive bodies of animals could be created by their continuous development from fertilized eggs. The educational effect of the program on children was that it taught them about not only the mystery of the birth and growth of a life form but also the relevance of marine ecology to the promotion of education-oriented local revitalization in Noto.

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