Journal Article Fuzzy Semiactive Vibration Control of Structures Using Magnetorheological Elastomer

Nguyen, Xuan Bao  ,  Komatsuzaki, Toshihiko  ,  Iwata, Yoshio  ,  Asanuma, Haruhiko

(2017)  , p.3651057 , 2017-01-01 , Hindawi Publishing Corporation
In this research, a novel variable stiffness vibration isolator that uses magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) accompanied with a fuzzy semiactive vibration control was developed. Firstly, the viscoelastic characteristics of MREs in shear mode were clarified systematically in order to achieve a mathematical basis for the controller development. Secondly, the fuzzy semiactive vibration control with a strategy based on the Lyapunov theory and dynamic characteristic of MREs was proposed for minimizing the movement of the isolator. In the conventional semiactive algorithm, the command applied current of MRE-based isolator is set at either minimum or maximum value which causes high acceleration and jerk peaks periodically, thus leading to the degeneration of the overall system quality. However, the fuzzy semiactive algorithm presented here is able to produce the sufficient applied current and thus viscoelastic force is desirably produced. The effectiveness of the developed isolator was evaluated numerically by MATLAB simulation and experimentally in comparison with the performances of a passive system and a system with on-off type semiactive controller. The results showed that the developed controller was successful in overcoming the disadvantages of conventional on-off semiactive control. © 2017 Xuan Bao Nguyen et al.

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